granite, marble and quartz repairs in scotland

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Remarkable Repairlux Professional Advanced Stone Repair.

virtually perfect repairs with the aid of led " blue light technology."
Engineers have developed a completely new system for virtually perfect repairs of natural and man made stone. This system has been specifically designed for repairing damage to edge surfaces. surfaces, chips, impact damage, cracks as well as defects caused during the installation and finishing on natural and engineered stone. 

We can help you with:
  • Deep surface scratches
  • Chipped edges
  • Bruises and craters
  • Cracks of more than 2mm depth
  • Broken or damaged corners
  • Assembly and treatment defects

In days gone by someone would arrive at your home or premises to drop a totally different coloured epoxy into your chip and call it a repair. 

Those days are gone! We now mix colours on a palette to give an excellent colour match. Our UV light hardens our repairs in minutes not days . You are literally ready to use the repaired area as soon as we leave your property.

This is the first worldwide-integrated complete system for a durable, close to nature and especially efficient high-quality repair, which can be executed on any polished natural and artificial stone in both interior and exterior areas.

A "one-day" repair in minutes.

Our materials cure after 60 seconds. Necessary repairs can be executed quickly and efficiently within a single day. A high surface finish with a durable high gloss sheen.

Once repaired our surfaces excel in specific properties:

        • Chemical Resistant
        • Impact resistant and hard waring
        • Can be polished and machined
        • A perfect visual integration into the natural stone
        • Highly transparent adhesion materials
        • Natural colours and structure crystals
        • Colour fast without yellowing 

The colours are extremely coloured fast and will not yellow - even when used outside. Repaired surfaces maintain their appearance - for a long time.

Perfect surfaces - without affecting the natural surrounding. The compound planer and the special silicone sanding linen make it achievable.
Simple and fast.
Our costs vary depending on the repair and we cover the whole of Scotland - just send us a photo of the damaged area with a short explanation as to how it happened and we will quote you a price within 24 hours.
 Kitchen or Insurance Companies we can accommodate your clients.

So if you need someone to repair your granite, marble or quartz


call 07745 935 339 anytime

Stonelux Repair Kit

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customer Feedback

Just to say - beautiful, beautiful granite! Thanks again it really does look gorgeous.

Caroline Ward    Glasgow

Just  wanted to say thanks very much for the job you did on the fireplace. The parents are right happy with it. Saved me a fortune so cheers again.

William Turney    Irvine

Thank you to Glasgow Granite Fitters for a fast, efficient service and at a very competitive price. My kitchen worktops are gorgeous and John worked so hard to minimize our inconvenience. I would recommend them to my friends anytime.

Fiona Mcalphine    Bellshil

Hi John, Just wanted to thank you for all your help and the efficient installation of granite today. I am absolutely delighted with it.  Thank you so much:-)

Jane Cowan    Greenock